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Innovative Coaching

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 Are you ready to Innovate? Reach for more? Or do you want to become your Original self? Maybe you fit all three questions. Whatever your answer is, lets choose a package that fits your innovative needs.

Angela Mczeke



 If you are that hair stylist or salon owner who is looking for a mentor that will show you Innovative ways to excel in your career or just need innovative ideas to change the game in your feild, sign up now and allow me to show you from my years of experience how to stand out and been seen in Elegance.



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About the Innovator

After I discovered myself on a deeper spiritual level, my identity became much clearer and profound, which led me to realize “I Am Original”.  This journey started in  pastoring and now “The Certified Innovative Coach”, motivational and empowerment speaker, entrepreneur of 5 successful businesses, and a 3 time author that uses my expertise in strategizing and creating systems for small business owners to development their vision and maximize their potential.  As a powerful speaker who loves to see people all over the world become their Original Self, I feel so many people are suffering with identity crisis. That's why I want to bring real solutions to their life and help discover themselves in an innovative way. I am ambitious and have the drive and will go above and beyond to serve my clients. 


Books by the Innovator

"No Longer Silent"

"Search Yourself"

More about Me and How I Can Help YOU… Delivering, Proven, Innovative Results to Support YOUR Vision


My work is all about YOU and you probably want to know a little more about why you should trust me. When it comes to creating & innovating a business, I’m the real DEAL. You want a Proven Innovating Coach, Salon Strategist, Life Coach & Mentor for your Business to be wildly successful and it certainly helps to have a Innovating Coach that is also a Invention expert.


Experience to Serve You

  • My 17+ years of experience and an entrepreneur is put to work for you! My experience as an Innovative Life Coach, Successful Entrepreneur and Speaker has helped people manifest their dreams. I have had the privelege to coach, mentor, and train leaders in their purpose.

  • My coaching expertise helps you reach your full potential you deserve! I’ve worked with small entrepreneurs startup businesses, to  church leaders and have real testimonals to prove my service does work and to help you create whatever you desire.

  • My speaking experience will empower you to excel in your purpose! I am passionate about speaking and empowering others through my speeches that will leave you charged and ready to take action. People have been liberated after hearing my Powerful speeches "I Am Orginial: I Discover Me", "No Longer Silent" and "Search Yourself".

  • My leadership skills will cause you to Innovate and reach for success! Areas of expertise include Inventions, Leadership, Writing, and Coaching  teaching you how to maximize your potential.

--Hair Stylist



Through Innovative Coaching you will learn a new way of coaching that inspires, empowers, and educates others through Faith, Vision and Strategies


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